Clinical results

Clinical studies have been conducted by various medical teams worldwide, providing consistent data on safety and efficacy


UCP has been used worldwide to treat more than 10 000 patients

Average IOP reduction at 12 months

Based on 6-sector protocol

Success rate of 70-80% at 12-18 months

* success is defined as IOP reduction > 20% and final IOP > 5 mmHg without supplemental hypotensive medications

Efficacy – Multiple treatments

« Clinical studies have shown the overall procedure efficacy to improve after multiple UCP treatments » 1
« Repeated UCP has to be considered in patients with target IOP not reached, and in patients with early or delayed IOP increase» 2

Source 1 : Safety and efficacy of multiple cyclocoagulation of ciliary bodies by high-intensity focused ultrasound in patients with glaucoma – Dra De Gregorio & All – Graefe’s Archives for clinical and experimental ophthalmology – October 2017

Source 2 : Aptel F et al. Efficacy and safety of repeated Ultrasound Cycloplasty procedures in patients with early or delayed failure after a first procedure. J Glaucoma, 2020 Jan; 29(1):24-30


UCP generally shows a good safety profile with no major complication

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Clinical References

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