Focused ultrasound

The technology behind the scene: Focused Ultrasound provides several advantages for ophthalmology

Advantages in ophthalmology

Our unique Know-How

Focused ultrasound present several advantages such as the non-invasiveness and the precision of the treated zone.
EYE TECH CARE has managed to miniaturize the device in order to adapt it to the ocular anatomy.


► UCP process enables to heat tissues deep in the eye without the need for an incision

High precision of focal zone

► With focused beams, a very small portion of tissues is heated ( on the order of millimeters)

Precise control of temperature rise

► The temperature of tissues at the focus point will rise up to 65 and 85°C, coagulating the tissues

Positioning of UCP treatment

UCP can be used in different types of glaucoma, at different stages of the disease.

Adapted for:

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