UCP - The non-invasive solution

Applying focused ultrasound to the treatment of glaucoma

A unique medical device

EyeOP1, a medical device developed by EYE TECH CARE, is a system which allows the treatment of glaucoma without surgical incision.
UCP procedure, treatment of glaucoma by ultrasound, relies on a strategy to reduce the production of aqueous humour by partially coagulating the ciliary body, which is responsible for the secretion of aqueous humor. The treatment is fast, non-invasive and can be performed with the help of a sterile, single-use device consisting of a treatment probe and a positioning cone. The device is connected to the EyeOP1 control module in order to define and control the parameters of treatment.
The procedure lasts less than 5 minutes.

EyeOP1 module

The EyeOP1 module is ergonomic and easy to use. It produces High Intensity Focused Ultrasound during the treatment procedure. The touch-screen user interface enables the operator to set the parameters and to control the treatment procedure safely.

Single use device – treatment probe

The special design of the treatment probe and positioning cone allows the user to focus the ultrasound on target areas within the eyes with submillimeter precision.

HIFU: precision and ease of application

Partial coagulation of the ciliary body

Treatment procedure

The eye is anaesthetised prior to the treatment. Your ophthalmologist and anaesthetist will choose the anaesthesia that works best for you.  
The treatment is carried out using a single-use medical device placed on the eye. A preliminary examination allows the appropriate size of the probe to be determined. The ultrasound is delivered to the targeted areas of the ciliary body to be treated.
In the weeks following the treatment, the intraocular pressure is generally reduced as a result of the decrease of aqueous humor produced by the ciliary body, when the treatment has been successful.
After the treatment, your ophthalmologist will prescribe an anti-inflammatory treatment and (re)define the eye drops treatment. They will schedule follow-up visits to check the treated eye in the following months. Glaucoma is a chronic disease that requires regular follow-up.

Patients eligible for UCP treatment

Every glaucoma patient is unique.
UCP allows to titrate the dose to the patients' needs. The treatment can be repeated if needed. UCP can be used in patients at different stages of the disease, from moderate glaucoma under maximum hypotensive treatment to more advanced stages of this disease.

Different types of glaucoma

► Primary or secondary
► Open-angle or angle-closure

Different stages of glaucoma

► Moderate
► Advanced

Different protocols

► Multiple UCP treatments are possible if necessary
► Several treatment protocols are available

EYETECHCARE  treatment spectrum

*Only your ophthalmologist can decide if the UCP treatment is appropriate